Lynette L. Reed

My world of art goes back to my childhood and the influence of my paternal grandmother who was an artist. Family on both sides, if not artists themselves, have always art appreciators and patrons. Being surrounded by that type of creative thinking and output has given me an appreciation and love of all types of mediums.

In 1980, I received my BFA from the University of North Dakota with an emphasis in printmaking. During that time I was also introduced to the world of fiber a arts. Today

I am a painter, fiber artist, book artist and marble artist. As you can tell from this website  I find myself moving back and forth within these mediums.

In 2016 I established “Once In A Blue Moon Marbling.” I specialize in unique marbled papers, fabrics, jewelry, books, lamps and almost anything that can be marbled on!

Here are just a few of Lynette’s work!

Lynette L. Reed

Lynette Reed