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      ARTFUL DIMENSIONS is a new enterprise that is a membership art gallery specializing in promoting and encouraging dimensional artistry. The gallery serves in the presentation and sale of 3-dimensional art and fine crafts. We help to promote and support the Fredericksburg and Rappahannock region visual arts community at large. We provide affordable space not currently available for 3-dimensional artists to create and display their artwork. The citizens of Fredericksburg benefit from lectures, workshops, individual and small group art classes, and cultural events held at the gallery.

Artful Dimensions received a grant of $18,340 from the Fredericksburg Economic Development Authority toward paying for building a recessed entrance that included glass front windows, a glass door and an external sign. Purchasing the necessary HVAC, plumbing, electrical, and construction materials needed to upgrade the warehouse for occupancy required additional funds of approximately $80,000.

Upon receipt of the building permit and startup funding, it took approximately four months to complete the necessary work. We first opened to the public on Octoboer 22, 2011. Members of Artful Dimensions cleaned and painted the space, built interior walls to allow for eight studio spaces and a retail space, and upgraded the warehouse to meet current building codes for occupancy.

Artful Dimensions is an independent, non-profit organization.

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