Tonya Butcher

Living in a small town just outside of Fredericksburg VA, you will find me in my studio with a paint brush in my hand painting either beautiful silks or unique cloisonné enamel jewelry.

My passion is color and light. I fabricate a fine silver champlevé base and fuse cloisonné wire to the piece then I choose my color pallet. Using a very fine tool I lay in layers of colored enamel. Each piece has 6 to 10 layers of enamel. The piece gets fired in the kiln between layers.

In 2014 I left a 20 year accounting career to become a full-time professional artist. I have never been happier and in my element as I
am in the studio.



Here are just a few of Tonya’s works!


 Going to the Ball Cloisonne Pendant by Tonya Butcher

Mask Cloisonne Pendant by Tonya Butcher

Circle Cloisonne Washer Pendant by Tonya Butcher

Teardrop Circles Champleve & Cloisonne Earrings by Tonya Butcher

Champleve & Cloisonne Pendant & Earring Set by Tonya Butcher

Puddles Cloisonne Pendant by Tonya Butcher