Tiny Totems Workshop 

Taught by Polymer Clay artist Lauri Mika 

June 10, 10-4pm     Class size – 12 Students 

Cost- $150.00 with an additional fee $10.00 supplies fee payable to the instructor in class

Tiny Totems

Tiny Totems

Tiny Totems

In this non-traditional approach to totem making, we will use polymer clay to create our totems.  A totem is an object representing family kinships and can also be an entity that watches over and assists people.  A myriad of mixed media techniques will be employed to create wall sculptures that explore personal myths and magic.  Some of these polymer clay techniques include rubber stamping, painting, layering clay, collage, transfers, metal leaf and embedding objects into clay.


Supplies: $10.00 material fee payable to the instructor.

 Six small packages of either Sculpey III or Premo polymer clay, with three being the same color and the other two of your choosing AND one package of white or ivory clay (for transfers). Make sure the clay is somewhat soft before buying it by pressing a thumb into it. If it feels rock hard, don’t buy it! Please condition clay before class by kneading it until soft and rolling into balls, then place in a baggie to store it.

One 6-7 inch piece 2×4 (building lumber), sand any rough edges and add a hanger to the back prior to class.

Rolling pin or even a piece of 1.5 inch diameter PVC pipe works (about 12 inches long)

A small bottle of Weldbond glue or other white glue.

Doo-dads/ephemera  –  just a few objects to embed in the clay like charms, beads, rhinestones, rhinestone chain, ball chain, jewelry parts, crowns, halos, buttons, metal findings, wings, fabric trim pieces and found objects


Collage sheet images with preferred faces  –  I will bring lots of “female” figures but if you would like animals or men or yourself, bring laser copies! (The size for the image is roughly 1 to 2 inches, but that depends on the scale you like.)

Class is full.  If you’d like to be placed on a waiting list, please contact via email at: artfuldimensions@verizon.net

Class Fee Refund Policy
Canceled by Instructor/Gallery – Full refund.
Canceled By Student more than 15 days in advance with original payment by credit card or PayPal – Fee returned minus a 5% fee for card processing.
Canceled By Student more than 15 days in advance with original payment by cash or check – Full refund.
Canceled By Student less than 15 days in advance – Fee returned minus a 50% cancellation fee.