Barbara Posey

All my life I have been drawn to to lines: whether drafting, painting, printmaking or pushing pixels,  I produced results defined more by lines than masses. And then about ten years ago I discovered needlefelting, and everything changed. 

I saw an exhibition of needlefelted figures and masks, and I had to learn the technique. Needlefelting is a very forgiving medium; it is not difficult to learn the basics, and the tools and materials are simple and relatively inexpensive. But it is such a rich universe of possibilities! And then, from needlefelting it is a very short step to wet felting, perhaps the most ancient technique of creating cloth that human beings ever came up with. If watching a figure practically form itself as I poke a wad of fiber with a needle is astonishing, creating a painting  from the same fiber with nothing but with soapy water and friction is like magic. Combining the two techniques is more fun than should be legal.

As Artful Dimensions grew from an idea to a reality, I was fortunate enough to get in on the late stages of its birth. Having a community of artists to inspire and share with, as well as having a place to work, has spurred new growth in my skills and vision as an artist and as a human being.  I am proud to be part of the endeavor Artful Dimensions represents, to produce the highest quality art of which we are capable, to raise awareness of three-dimensional art and artists, to teach our techniques and media to any who wish to learn.

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Barbara Posey

Barbara Posey in Venice